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The Tails of RescueMen USA

2018 Calendar!!
featuring the real stories and photos of inspirational men who have come to

rescue of animals in need across the country

and are spreading the message that

Adoption is the only option!

 photo by  Geoffrey Tischman

The RescueMen®USA Campaign was created to educate Americans as to the critical plight of millions* of shelter animals available for adoption in overpopulated shelters throughout our country.

This platform showcases inspirational men who have all rescued their companion animals and is intended to promote how extraordinary and loving shelter animals can be, while erasing any stigma surrounding their health or behavior. 

Brought to you by

Crusaders for Animal Adoption.

Tails of RescueMen Charity Calendar 

Photo credits:

Virgil Ocampo:  Lee Suggs, Lawrence Tuitt,  & Conner Lambert  Rita Earl Blackwell: Luke Pechmann

April Massirio: Zach Skow  Sabrina Moore: Virgil Ocampo

Geoffrey Tischman: Joe DiPaolo, John Purdy, Gene Baur, Matt & Peter Nesi, David Santiago & Dave Juan. 

*Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter US animal shelters annually...

almost 3 million will be euthanized. (ASPCA)
Adoption saves lives!

The Tails of RescueMen Charity Calendar assists with our mission to raise awareness of the plight of shelter and homeless animals in our country.  Not only does the calendar showcase the real rescue stories of men and their companion animals, but the calendar also raises funding for much needed supplies for shelter cats, dogs and rabbits who are presently still waiting for their forever homes through  Pillows for Paws,

a non-profit organization in New York City.

This year's Calendar RescueMen include:

January:  Lee Suggs                      July: Joe DiPaolo (and cover)

February: Zach Skow                     August: Matt and Peter Nesi

March: Gene Baur                          September: Conner Lambert

April: David Santiago                     October: Dave Juan

May: John Purdy                            November: Lawrence Tuitt

June: Virgil Ocampo                      December: Luke Pechmann

Donations to the RescueMen®Campaign benefit its umbrella organization, Pillows for Paws®, a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer run group that donates essential material items to shelter dogs, cats, and rabbits on a monthly basis. These items include beds, toys, treats, groomingand medical supplies.